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Work Related Stress & Anxiety

Regain control in toxic work environments, overcome workplace stress and performance insecurities

  • 50 min
  • 130 British pounds
  • Online Meet Up

Service Description

Discover a unique coaching service tailored to address the often overlooked issue of work-related stress and anxiety. We embrace a holistic approach to stress management, fusing evidence-based practices of mindfulness, chakra re-balancing, cognitive hypnotherapy, and resilience coaching. These techniques are seamlessly integrated into daily routines, ensuring they can be readily incorporated into busy work schedules. Our meticulously crafted programs aim to unearth the root causes of stress and anxiety while arming our clients with the indispensable skills to triumph over these challenges. Under our expert guidance, clients can confidently chart their career paths, free from the suffocating grip of work-related stress. Pragmatic mindfulness recognizes the significance of fostering a harmonious work-life balance and nurturing positive mental well-being. Ultimately, this contributes to heightened productivity and job satisfaction, benefitting both the individual and their workplace. It's often the case that stress can be traced back to an underlying anxiety or past event that continues to trigger emotional distress, even when the external conditions at work seem unrelated to the stress experienced. Service Offerings: Here are examples of common situations and circumstances where our expertise can make a significant impact: • Setting Boundaries: Learn to set and strengthen boundaries to maintain a healthy work-life balance. • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Gain tools and strategies to conquer feelings of inadequacy and boost self-confidence. • Public Speaking: Build confidence and proficiency in public speaking engagements. • Building Rapport: Develop effective communication skills and enhance interpersonal relationships. • Self-Confidence Enhancement: Build self-assurance to tackle professional challenges head-on. • Finding Life Purpose: Discover your true life purpose and align your career accordingly. • Navigating Office Politics: Navigate office politics and handle narcissistic behaviour with resilience and finesse. To embark on this transformative journey, book a session with us today. By filling out a consultation form, you'll provide us with the necessary insights to tailor a treatment plan perfectly suited to your unique needs and goals. Together, we'll tackle work-related stress and anxiety, helping you reclaim your professional life with renewed confidence and well-being.

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