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I always knew deep down I had the POTENTIAL TO DO far more than they perceived. TO BE far more than they valued. I yearned to transcend the consequences of past choices to embrace the MORE I knew was destined. With Pragmatic Mindfulness I stand To BE, To DO and To ACHIEVE more than I dared to dream



Pragmatic Mindfulness™️ is a groundbreaking technique that enables you to deprogram consciousness blocks rooted in trauma and limiting beliefs to find inner clarity, a mindful reconnection with your true, spiritual self and the freedom to create a fulfilled, purpose driven life guided by mindful intuition and focused yet pragmatic intentions. 


This unique coaching programme combines neuroscience, mindfulness therapy, resilience coaching, energy blueprint alignment techniques that empower you to navigate through life's challenges, nurture your authentic potential, and cultivate enduring transformation with practical yet accelerated efficacy.  

Origins of Pragmatic Mindfulness - Growing up in a narcissistic household left an indelible marks on my life's journey. In that environment, I endured verbal, psychological, and even physical abuse, continuously positioned as the family's scapegoat. This backdrop influenced how i co-created my reality in determining the types of situations and relationships I felt I deserved, fostering toxic cycles of gaslighting, betrayal, and relentless self-doubt. The quest for approval became all-consuming, giving rise to anxiety, stress, panic, procrastination, self-sabotage, amnesia dissociation, and even substance abuse, as a way to numb the profound pain stemming from enduring complex childhood trauma that persisted into adulthood. One day, amidst another cycle of repeated attempts to demonstrate my value, loyalty, and affection to a family member only to face gaslighting, humiliation and isolation, a breaking point arrived. Emerging from the depths of piercing deep-seated anxiety, a numbness took over, and within that moment, a faint voice whispered, "You deserve more." Guided by that inner voice I embarked on a transformative journey of healing, self discovery, realignment to my cosmic purpose, my divine feminine and authenticity of my life essence. I was on a quest to strengthen that faint inner voice to a ground shaking roar. From a decade of research, healing and hours of hands-on trialing, the Pragmatic Mindfulness Hypnotherapy and Holistic Transformation Coaching technique emerged.We look at the full 360 degree aspects of an individual — the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions to promote deep rooted transformation. Our approach is rooted in the latest cognitive neuroscience research and according to recent findings, 95% of our thoughts, emotions, decisions, actions, and behaviours (in other words, our belief system) that affect our day to day lives are not generated through conscious awareness but are driven by the subconscious mind and etheric energy frequency imbalances. Therefore many of our habits, behaviours, psychosomatic illness, responses to stress, feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, stagnation, self-destructive patterns and chronic health issues can be due to limiting core beliefs, supressed trauma seeking release, unconscious programming and energetic vibration (the vibes we give off or in other words or manifestation frequency) beyond our conscious control and awareness. The Pragmatic Mindfulness™️ approach is one of the best modalities to hack hidden parts of the subconscious with the aim of rewiring these shrouded limiting belief systems that can hinder us from taking the correct action to attain the desired goals and authentic life we deserve. In true Ekart Tolle style our approach will help ground you in the present-moment awareness of your thoughts, emotions, energy frequencies and behaviours. This heightened multi layered awareness will connect you deeply to the courage of your authentic self, empowering you to reject band-aid coping mechanisms and instead, embrace breakthrough transformations and enduring change. This work is a powerful, personal activation that's been carefully crafted and tested for over a decade. It has been an absolute joy for me to guide clients to greater depths of themselves to experience their authenticity, joy and re-defined success. Pragmatic Mindfulness committed to providing a diverse and inclusive practise where all can feel safe, welcome and heard.

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